Endorsed by the National University
of Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina:
Master of Arts 2000

Handle with care, highly volatile
dangerously temperamental


A bit of my story

Birthplace: Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Complete Studies in Rosario, Sta Fe, Argentina.
·1988: 3rd. Prize drawing, Beca Coop del Banco Provincial de Sta. Fe
·1993: "The big behinds" group exhibition, Alianza Francesa de Rosario
·1993: group exhibition, Club Gimnasia y Esgrima de Rosario
·1994: "Painting stories" solo show, Club Gimnasia y Esgrima de Rosario
·1996 y 1997: sumi-e studies, and English language at English Language Institute at the University of Pittsburgh, Pensilvania, U.S.A.
·2000: Master of Fine Arts, Faculty of Humanities and Arts U.N.R., Argentina.
·2001: Audience Award, Book-Art: "Thousand Cranes for Naomi" NIHON NO JYOCHO contest at Instituto Cultural Chileno - Japonés.
·2001:"Shared Insights", group exhibition, Homo Sapiens bookshop, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina.
·2004: 2nd prize, First National ARTEL UTILITY DECORATIVE PAINTING- TIME FOR US, Chile.
·2005 "Silent Scream", Gallery Theme Página Digital.
·2010 - Senior Finalist Spot "Educate for Peace", del Concurs d'Animacions per la Pau, Barcelona, Spain.


First contact with a computer art, almost equivalent to the first scribbles of a child.


poetry · stories · shirts · graphic design

Gusanito ViajeroChildren's story written and illustrated by hand, using the same technique of watercolor and collage. Dedicated to the first child of a friend.


El dije A letter, a short story of suspense. Letter written by Juan Carlos Gomez and used it as inspiration to illustrate it.


Mil Grullas Art book based on a story by Elsa Bornemann. Ilustraciones in sumi-e art and collage. Based on a thesis project rejected.


Tango marginal Poetry of Juan Carlos Gomez slang. The illustrations were done in ink.


Lento se apaga el verano Book art made as a thesis project. Stock sumi-e style tale Elsa Bornemann: Thousand Cranes for Naomi.


Adivinancias Poems and riddles for children. Illustrated and written by me in black ink and white collage.


El Nudario story written by Juan Carlos Gomez as "Ranquel". Illustrations using design software and image manipulation.


CAMISETAS TATUAJE:concept, production and image.


CAMISETAS OJO:concept and image.


Pajaritos: my bird drawings expressed as lines and my watercolors as texture for this little book.


Cactus: my cactus drawings and watercolors as touches of color make up this little book.


Ramona, miguel y el mar: romance of my grandparents. Based on the story of my mother Nury Pi.

graphic design

Antígona Dulces: posters, web, facebook
eSPAcio positivo: logo, web, posters, facebook.
Diseño Verde: billboards.


striped · unctuous · watery

· 3 colors: ink, liquid paper and colored cardboard.

· Graphite: shaded pencil on paper yarn.

· Chalk pastel on black cardboard.


movies · educational animations · spots

· Lento se apaga (fragment)
Thesis Project

· graffiti arte allegro
Animation competition:
"ANIMA 2013"


· Eduquemos para la paz
Senior Finalist Spot
Animacions per la Pau
Barcelona, Spain.

· Futuro



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